Saturday, April 7, 2007

Glider Flight 100 Completed!!!

RU16 has successfully completed glider flight 100. In 24 days it flew 650 km from its place of birth on Cape Cod, MA to its new home in New Jersey. During its flight RU16 completed five cross-shelf and along-shelf sections, collected valuable physical and biological data about the whole Mid-Atlantic Bight during the spring transition time. The glider was recovered just off the coast of NJ near Tuckerton on April 6th, exactly as planned. Congratulations to the RU glider team for completing a perfect flight!

Here is the final dataset along the Endurance Line from the RU16 flight:

Monday, April 2, 2007

Almost there

RU16 is now flying toward Tuckerton along the endurance line. The mission is almost over, and it has been extremely successful so far. The temperature cross-section reveals lots of structure over the shelf. The data is very similar to the observations collected by RU01 about 3 days ago, indicationg that short-time variability is small right now.