Thursday, March 22, 2007

the nepheloid layer is present!!

The glider heads into the major zone of shipping activity next. crunch time on the ocean turnpike. interesting observation today is the nepheloid layer in the warm bottom water. the backscatter says lots of paticles are prsent with very little chlorophyll present. That means either sediment or detritus which is often what dominates nepheloid layers. The nepheloid layers often seem to be dominated by detritus which is "fluffy" and easily maintained up in the water column.

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idw said...


Data looks terrific.

A comment on the nepheloid layer: the aggregates in the benthic nepheloid layer (BNL) probably aren't contributing much to the scattering signal you are seeing. The bed shear stress sufficient to cause a high concentration BNL is high enough to cause shear disaggregation of the aggregates.

My unpublished data, your mileage may vary!